Born in Vienna,
Grew up in Graz,
Learned art in Graz, Vienna and St. Pölten,
Went to college in London (B.A. from Kingston University)
Exhibitions in Graz, Vienna, Budapest and London.

My illustrations often come from the heart, but also from my critical mind; my hands have mastered their craft, but my eyes are open for things that work by chance...
From 2001-2007, I taught illustration at the Advertising Design Academy in Salzburg. Working with my students always helped to give me a sharper view of my own work – thanks guys!
And of course I keep learning by working with other artists, making and going to exhibitions, doing my own projects and constantly experimenting.

The samples on my website show that my spectrum covers everything from lifestyle to business, interpersonal relationships and life crises. It's important to me to find an honest and authentic approach to every issue, so that the message and the style gel into something convincing... evocative... seductive... gritty... carefree...

But pictures speak better than words – so I'll let you get back to browsing the galleries. Maybe you'll find something that connects with your own illustration needs. Feel free to contact me - I like inquiries!